About Us

About Us

Walkingthetalk – Inspiring sustainability education in BC

In BC, there’s a real need for individuals and organizations working on sustainability education to collaborate and co-ordinate activities. The Walkingthetalk project aims to connect individuals, organizations and government in order to move sustainability education forward in British Columbia.

In a world where information and resources about sustainability are abundant and often overwhelming, our goal is to connect and support those groups and individuals.

The Network - We have created an online network to help sustainability educators in BC keep up to date and collaborate on sustainability education. We have a focus on EDUCATION that leads to a sustainable future. We aren’t just focused on ‘going GREEN’ (although that’s certainly part of it); we are interested in the social, cultural and ecological legs of the sustainability stool. We use this web space as the communication and information-sharing hub for the network. Walkingthetalk.bc.ca provides a space for members to post web resources, upcoming events, curriculum documents, and other relevant information, and to find people around the province who are working in the field of sustainability education. Anyone is welcome to join the network.

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