Walkingthetalk Sustainability Education Resources

This E-Library contains:

  • A list of projects (general and in K-12, Higher Ed and Non-Formal sectors) that the BC Working Group has been involved withfrom 2006-2009
  • Links and references to readings on sustainability education in BC, Canada and beyond

I. Projects Affiliated with the BC Working Group

A. BC Working Group Projects 2006-2009

  1. 10 Principles for Sustainability Education in BC
  2. March 2007 Dialogue "Why Sustainability Education?"
  3. March 2007 Dialogue Poster
  4. March 2007 Dialogue Background and Context
  5. March 2007 Dialogue "Why Sustainability Education?" Final Report
  6. Video by Treadlight Media on March 2007 Dialogue
  7. April 2009 "How? Sustainability Education" Summit Report
  8. April 2009 "How? Sustainability Education" Summit Video

B. Sector Specific Projects

i. K-12 Education

  1. Environmental Learning and Experience (ELE) Guide and Video Clips - BC Ministry of Education
  2. ELE Pro-D Templates - Environmental Educators' Provincial Specialist Association (EEPSA)
  3. ELE Curriculum Maps, Introduction - BC Ministry of Education
  4. ELE Curriculum Maps, Snapshot - BC Ministry of Education

ii. Higher Education

  1. Taking Stock 2008 Report
  2. Walkingthetalk Scholarships 2007
  3. Taking Action 2009 Report

iii. Non Formal Education

1. Culturally Inclusive Sustainability Programming


II. Articles and Readings on Sustainability Education

A. General Sustainability Education Readings

1. United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014): Canada's Reponse to the UNESCO Questionnaire
2. Ecological Literacy: Education and the Transition to a Postmodern World, David W. Orr.
3. Earth in Mind, David W. Orr
4. What is Education For? David W. Orr

B. Sector Specific Readings

i. K-12 Education

1. Environment and Sustainable Development Policy: Development in K-12 Schools in Manitoba and Canada.International Institute for Sustainable Development.
2. Shared Learnings: Integrating BC Aboriginal Content. BC Ministry of Education
3. All of a Place: Connecting Schools, Youth and Community, Bay Area School Reform Collaborative

ii. Higher Education

1. Planet U: Sustaining the World, Reinventing the University. By Michasel M'Gonigle and Justine Starke
2. The Critical Role of Higher Education in Creating a Sustainable Future. Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education (AASHE)
3. The Sustainability Curriculum: The Challenge for Higher Education. By John Blewitt and Cedric Cullingford
4. Advancing Sustainability Education in Higher Education: New Directions for Institutional Research. Edited by Larry H. Litten and Dawn Geronimo Terkla