Walkingthetalk Network

This web space serves as the communication and information-sharing hub for the network and provides a place for members to post web resources, curriculum documents, and other relevant information, and to find others around the province who are working in the field of sustainability education. It's all about sharing resources, finding out what people are doing in other parts of the province, and learning from one another. Anyone with an interest in sustainability education is welcome to join the network.


Avoid reinventing the wheel. There may be others out there who already doing what you’re thinking of doing. Use the walkingthetalk website to find people whom you can learn from – or who can learn from you.


Create and share resources with others across the province. This site can serve as a collective electronic library on sustainability education.

Post Events

Post your events to our calendar for others to see. Click on this link and follow the instructions to tell others about sustainability events in your region. This is open to all!

Create a Blog

- Post your thoughts, ideas, challenges, hopes, and dreams on your own web log ("blog").