Site Tips

1. Finding Resources

Resources are categorised on the home page into three tabbed sectors (K-12, higher education, and non-formal education). Just click on the one you're interested in to narrow down your searches and more easily find what you're looking for.

2. Joining the Network

If you're not yet signed on to the walkingthetalk network, you can create an account by going to the walkingthetalk home page and clicking on "Create New Account" in the upper right hand corner (below the user login). Fill in the screen that appears to create your own walkingthetalk account. Doing so helps you to connect to others with an interest in sustainability education and helps them to connect with you.

3. Latest Job or Volunteer Opportunities

To find out about the latest job or volunteer opportunities within sustainability education in British Columbia, click on "Posted Resources" in the top navigation bar and then click on "Job and Volunteer Opportunities" in the drop down menu.

4. Posting Resources

If you'd like to share your website (or another valuable one), a shared document or a job or volunteer opportunity with others, you can list it as a resource on the walkingthetalk site. To do so, go to "Posted Resources" in the top navigation bar and then choose which type of resources you want to post (eg: "Post a shared document" or "Post a web resource") and fill in the screen that appears.

5. Upcoming Events

To find out what events are coming up, check back regularly on the walkingthetalk site. You can find event postings both on the home page and a complete listing of monthly events can be found by clicking on "Events" in the top navigation bar. On the events page, you can view events by day, week, month or in a list format - whichever you prefer. To view a different month in the month format, use the blue arrows to see future or past events.

6. Posting Events

There are two ways that you can post your event on the walkingthetalk website. The most direct way to post an event is to click on "Events" in the top navigation bar and then click on "Post an Event" on the left hand side of the drop down menu. Fill in the screen to post your event. You can also post events by clicking on "BC Network" in the top navigation bar and then on "Add an Event", located under the Post Your Event section.

7. "Tagging" your posts

If you are not accustomed to websites like walkingthetalk, you may not be familiar with "tagging". Tagging is techno-talk for categorising entries you add to the site. If you want to, for example, add a web resources for other members to see, you'll be asked to categorise it by sector, locality and area of interest. These categorisations are (of course) subjective, but tagging your entries enables others to do a search by those categories (or "tags") and find your entry, together with all related ones.

8. Posting on your blog

Every walkingthetalk network member automatically gets his or her own blog when they sign up. You can use your blog to express your ideas about or area of interest in sustainability education. To post a new entry in your blog on the site, simply click on "BC Network" in the top navigation bar, scroll down the page and then click on "Add blog entry" under the Create a Blog section. Fill out the screen that appears and you will be able to post your thoughts, reflections, resources or any other interesting information for the network to see.

9. Blog entries

To check the latest blog entries by either yourself or other walkingthetalk network members, click on "BC Network" in your upper navigation bar and then click on "Blogs" in the drop down menu.

10. Connecting with other network members

Use walkingthetalk to connect with people who share your passion for sustainability and education, who you can learn from - and who can learn from you. To find other network members, click on "BC Network" in the top navigation bar and then click on "Network Members - Connect With Others" in the drop down menu. If you know the name of the network member you are looking for, you can enter their first and last name in the search space provided. Otherwise, click on the user name to learn more about your fellow walkingthetalk members.

11. Emailing other network members

If you are interested in contacting another walkingthetalk network member, you can do so through the walkingthetalk site. Simply follow the same steps to connect with other network members as outlined in tip #10. Once you've found the person you want to connect with, click on the "Contact" tab above their profile and type in your email.